Houston Traffic

After nearly 30 years in Houston, I have spent several hours in the well documented Houston traffic. I have travelled on Hwy 290 through the last several years of construction and it is finally almost complete. What a joy.

Over the years I have seen Hwy 59 and I-10 expand to 20+ lanes, and expansion of our tollways. If you have not purchased an EZ Tag, I would suggest it as West Park Toll Road, Beltway 8, Hwy 99, and even Airport Parking can be handled electronically without standing in line.

I nearly always suggest buying or leasing a home near your place of business, but Education, Medical, and other issues could affect that idea. Thousands of Houston residents spend hours in traffic everyday to ensure their children are educated in a good school district. There are several sites, as well as applications on your iPhones, iPads, Androids, Blackberrys, and Navigation systems that provide traffic information. I also use Houston Transtar to view what is happening on the Houston roads.