Transportation Expansion in Cypress!

the grand parkway

Throughout the Houston area, transportation construction has been a huge factor of projects currently in motion. Numerous roads and highways including Highway 290, Beltway 8, Greenhouse Road, The Grand Parkway, and FM 1960/Highway 6 have been worked on for the past several months in order to make way for more lanes, more space, and more population to come to Cypress. Cypress already is currently heavily populated, thus increasing the growth in traffic. In order to decrease the rate of traffic and less car accidents, construction workers are now adding new lanes and new possibilities. For example, Highway 290 Project G has been heavily progressing the past few months. The goal of the project is to construct new lanes that will provide drivers a separate lane to enter and exit the highway safely. The approximate completion time for the 290 project is the end of 2016, costing nearly $110.4 million to build. Construction on the Grand Parkway is requiring numerous lane closures/traffic diversions due to the project. This project will total 37 miles of Houston’s third outer loop and will stretch from major overpasses and interchanges, thus saving time and decreasing the amount of traffic. This project will approximately end in December 2015, costing TxDot $1 billion in order to construct. All these projects may seem annoying and disruptive to every day traffic life, but in the long run will reduce numerous hours of traffic spent in the car, car accidents, and will prove beneficial to the community by saving time AND money. If you want to learn more about transportation updates, check out the May 2015 Community Impact newspaper on page 17. If you are interested in contacting us, please call Jim Regan at 713-443-5911 or Suzanne Zuniga-Regan at 832-795-1459.

Also, check out our ad in the Cy-Fair Houston Chamber Commerce 2015 Directory and Resource Guide on pg 92 if you would like to learn more