Blackhorse Ranch-An Exclusive Neighborhood in Cypress

blackhorse ranchBlackhorse Ranch, a prestigious and very popular neighborhood in Cypress, has been receiving a lot of publicity lately due to its well deserved reputation. This neighborhood has been around since 2001 and since then has expanded to thousands of homes for families. In this neighborhood, prices approximately range between $330,000-$700,000 and offers many benefits to families looking for a home to settle down in. Not only is this neighborhood safe and family friendly, it is zoned to some of the best schools in the entire CFISD School District. The CFISD School District has the most competitive schools in Texas, some even ranking in the top 100 of the whole state. Blackhorse Ranch is not only zoned to the best schools, but it also has many benefits. The amenities including in the Blackhorse Ranch features are the Blackhorse Ranch Golf Club, community lakes, a recreation center, community playgrounds for children, an Olympic-sized pool, and a junior-sized pool.blackhorse ranch 2

The approximate median home value for this neighborhood is $352,000 and currently has 8 homes on the market at the moment. These listings include 12403 Cross Canyon Lane, 26406 Wedgewood Park, 27106 Sable Oaks Lane, and 26415 Opal Hollow. The location of this neighborhood is great because there are so many developing restaurants and stores to go to. For example, north on Fry Road, there are many places to go to. There is Antonia’s Cucina Italiana, Masones Grill, Orange Leaf, and Rice and Beans Cuban Cuisine. Although restaurants are great to have near home, there are also other safety benefits! North Cypress Medical Center is located just north of Fry Road, just incase of any possible emergency. This neighborhood is one of the best and most popular in Cypress because of its well deserved and rounded reputation. The houses are beautiful and spacious (and some include pools), the community amenities are outrageous, and it a safe and trusted area. If you are looking to move in the Cypress, area we highly recommend Blackhorse Ranch to be apart of your options. If you have any questions or would like to contact us, please call Jim Regan at 713-443-5911 or Suzanne Zuniga-Regan at 832-795-1459.